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CloutCraft is a server for the community, by the community! Our goal is to maintain a fun environment for all Java and Bedrock players and offer an experience you won't forget! CloutCraft runs the most up to date version of Minecraft with the features you want, the service you expect, and an unforgettable game play experience.

Help & Support

Have questions before you checkout? Have you not received your rank? No worries! Join our discord server and open a support ticket. https://tinyurl.com/cloutcraftsupport

Refund Policy

All payments are final and non-refundable. Attempting a chargeback or opening a PayPal dispute will result in permanent and irreversible banishment from all of our servers, our Tebex Store, and other Tebex Stores.


1. I have not received my rank!

Be patient buyable items can take up to 30 minutes to apply after purchasing.

2. Do I need PayPal?

No! Please click a cardholder below PayPal option or Guest Checkout.

3. My Visa is Declining?

If you are sure you have the correct funds, try PayPal or another card holder (ex. MasterCard)

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